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"The Mottershead Coat of Arms"


The Name Mottershead reached England in the great wave of migration following the Norman Conquest of England by Duke William of Normandy in 1066.

The Mottershead family lived in Cheshire as Lords of the Manor of Mottram from whence they took their surname.


Mottram St. Andrew

Land held by the Saxon Gamel at Motre, he also held Chadkirk in Stockport Parish. "Isdem Gamel tenet Motre. Pater ejus tenuit. Ibi i hida et dimidia geldabiles. Terra est iiii caracates. Wasta est. Ibi silva iii leuvis longa et ii lata et ii haiae et aira accipitris." Domesday Survey.

The same Gamel holds Motre. His father held it. There is one hide and a half rateable to the gelt tax the land is four caracates. It is waste. There is a wood three leagues long and two broad and two hedged enclosures and an aery for hawks.

Harl. MS. 2146 f.95d 1692. - An ancient l2th century deed without date records, Gamel lord of Mottram gave William his son and heir, all that land in Mottersheved in the vill of Mottram with the messuage and other its appurtenances, from which place he was called William de Mottershead and his descendants Mottershead of Mottram.

Coat of Arms as above. These are entered in the Book of Arms at College of Arms collected by Robert Glover, Somerset Herald and made c.1566 No. 405. "He beareth Sable on a chevron Argent, three cinquefoils Gules, between three cross crosslets Or, as the cost of Mottram of Mottram which after took the name of Mottershead from the owning of an ancient parcell of lands called Mottersheved in the lordship of Mottram" Enrolled, College of Arms dated April 1692 and signed by, - "Sr.Jo.Dugdale, Norroy, and Gregory King, Lancaster Herald, Register of the College of Arms.

Battle of Shrewsbury - 21st July 1403.

Henry 1V Reginalr Mottershead Henry Prince of Wales
Earl of Dunbar Earl of Stafford
Sir Hugh Stanley Sir John Clifton
Sir John Cockayne Sir Robert Blount
Sir Nicholas Tausel Sir Robert Gausel
Sir Hugh Mortimer Sir John Massey
Sir Hugh Shirley Sir Thomas Wendesley
Sir Robert Halvezsin Sir Reginald Mottershead
Sir Madoc Kynaston Sir Jenkin Hanmer
Sir Richard Sandford Sir Richard Hussey

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